Recycled Screenings hosts a video by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin

January 2023

Plus, the final week of Scout Tafoya's XENOLITH ATLAS on Recycled Screenings
Recycled Screenings debuts with the premiere of Tafoya's latest experimental feature

December 2022

A free, curated platform to watch videographic and other found footage work
Plus, six new videos on Cary Grant and much more!

October 2022

And don't forget about Cary Grant!

September 2022

Cary Grant, UMass Video Essay Conference, And More!

July 2022

Join us for "Cary Grant: A Class Act" & Much More!

June 2022

Please consider donating to a local abortion fund in the U.S. Here is a list of funds in states where so-called “trigger laws” have now/will soon make…

May 2022

Plus, a new podcast episode dedicated to the TV Dictionary!

April 2022

Plus, a new episode of On Your Screen dedicated to the history of vidding

February 2022

Plus new episodes of The Video Essay Podcast & On Your Screen