Volume 1, Issue 17: Making a Video Essay I

Open City, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Don't Forget Cary

I’m about to embark on my most ambitious video essay project to date and I’m scared as f-ck! I’m super excited, but the beginning, or, the stage before the beginning is always the hardest part. My plan is to document the creation of the essay here in this newsletter, which, if I’m being honest, is not exactly helping the whole “scared as f-ck part” of this situation. But, writing about the process here is my way of keeping myself accountable, and making sure that I actually finish this thing in a timely manner. Why? Because I want to get this thing done! It’s a project that I’m really excited about, one that I’ve been kicking around for awhile and I think has a lot of potential. I’ll say more about what the project is in a later newsletter, but in the meantime I figured I’d share some of the questions I’ve been asking myself as I begin this endeavor.

News & Notes

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  • From Ariel Avissar:

The "Thinking Images" video essays program is a new addition to the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, which will take place next week and will be an online-only event. The program includes works by Chiara Berrevoets, Caitlin Lynch, Christopher Boulton, Chloé Galibert-Laîné, Alan O'Leary and Maayan Gutterman.

 All of the festival content will be available for online viewing for the duration of the festival (21-26 September). A festival pass - at the price of 12€ - gives one full access to this content, which includes over 100 short films from all over the world - among them the video essays program - and other special events (such as masterclasses with Gus Van Sant and other filmmakers) - though there is a cap on viewers, so that some film and events might eventually be sold out.

The various festival programs are here (with the video essays program, the latest addition to the roster, at the bottom), and the special events here; and here is where one can order the festival pass.