It’s hard for me to process the fact that I have been producing and hosting The Video Essay Podcast for more than a year and a half. Where did the time…
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Cary Grant, UMass Video Essay Conference, And More!
Plus, a new episode of On Your Screen dedicated to the history of vidding
Plus a bunch of exciting news and notes from the videographic world
Please consider donating to a local abortion fund in the U.S. Here is a list of funds in states where so-called “trigger laws” have now/will soon make…
Plus, a new episode of the podcast featuring Terri Francis on Josephine Baker
Thoughts on TikTok, Un Chien Andalou, and Rio Bravo Diary
And don't forget about Cary Grant!
Join us for "Cary Grant: A Class Act" & Much More!
Plus new episodes of The Video Essay Podcast & On Your Screen
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